Regional and national road freight

Olnafret responds for 18 years to your needs coordination and transportation to local, regional and national levels.

Ground transportation of your goods

We organize in the Rhone Alps and across France all transport distances:

  • bulk packages
  • pallets
  • lengths
  • solid masses

80% of land freight shipments are made directly, without transhipment to secure the integrity of your goods.

Delivery in 24 / 48H

For shipments from January to February pallets, pallet networks will guarantee our deliveries throughout France in 24/48 hours (except areas of mountains and islands).

Constant monitoring

During the operation, we ensure the interface between you, your suppliers and your customers through our computer software designed specifically for each actor prevent the passage of our vehicle:

  • Transportation contract specifying the agreed price and delivery time
  • Request availability of goods
  • Notice of removal
  • Notice Delivery

Guidance and appropriate equipment

Delivery rounds

We can help you organize and plan your delivery rounds. We perform making appointments and we use delivery equipment adapted to each recipient.
Delivery to individuals

For deliveries outside the homes of individuals, we will offer 19T or 26T straight trucks equipped with cranes or embedded carriage adapted to the delivery of material structural work.

Cconstruction transport

For Construction and Public Works, we proposes specific transport equipment:

  • flatbed trailers equipped with cranes if necessary
  • scalable for large lengths semitrailers,
  • trailers spreadable fully sheeted for the transport of machine tools,
  • "Tautliners" lowered with or without gooseneck for indivisible masses.

Events Transport

For all kind of events, we have the right material handling equipment:

  • light vehicles in the 2M3 20M3,
  • HGV 19T, 26T and 40T with loading platforms and / or handling carts.

We are at your disposal for any request for ground transportation.
our membership in EFFI-SCIENCE group, we have the technical capacity to process and transport your goods safely and on time.

Semi-remorque TAUTLINER

Nous utilisons des tracteurs semi-remorques de type TAUTLINER pour toutes les opérations de fret industriel, en France et dans toute l'Europe.

Semi-remorque extensible

Nous utilisons des semi-remorques extensibles pour les opérations de transport exceptionnel des grandes longueurs et des masses indivisibles.

Camion à plateau nu

Nous utilisons le camion à plateau nu pour le transport de votre matériel de chantier ou de toutes masses indivisibles en catégorie 1 et 2.

Camion porteur avec grue

Pour vos livraisons nécessitant un engin de levage, sur chantier ou chez les particuliers avec accès difficile, nous mettons à votre disposition...

Camion porteur 19T

Pour vos besoins de livraison urbaines ou express toutes distances, nous utilisons des poids-lourds équipés de hayon et de transpalettes pour...

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